Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA)

PWA has been providing services to men, transmen, women, transwomen and children living with HIV/AIDS since 1987. 


The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation engages people living with HIV/AIDS in enhancing their health and well-being through practical and therapeutic support services and broader social change, and we inspire them to live into their dreams and discoveries.


We live in affirming, sustaining communities where we find inspiration and support for our dreams, health, well-being and meaningful contributions.


People living with HIV/AIDS play a crucial role in the governance and operation of PWA, but, most important, are its heart and soul.  Although PWA seeks supportive partnerships in support of fulfilling its Mission, its response to HIV/AIDS is, more than anything else, inspired by the voices and experience of people living with HIV/AIDS.


PWA 25th Narrative – Making a Positive Difference

Publication date: 2012
A reflection on 25 years of PWA supporting HIV+ and broader community – developed for PWA's 25th anniversary.This document is an attempt to capture some of the voices and stories that have made up PWA over 25 years. It is more of a scrapbook than a formal...

PWA Strategic Plan – 2011-2016

Publication date: 2012
This strategic plan was created through many rich conversations, focused on the best of PWA now, and what PWA is being called to become into the future.  This was a time of reflection, storytelling, listening, questions, metaphor, and deep, insightful thinking...
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